Stepwell Super Soil


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  • Dimensions: 11x18x25 inches
  • Weight: 56 lbs
  • Volume: 3 cuft compressed
  • Loose volume: 34 gallons, 127 liters


  • Condition soil prior to use
  • For indoor, use minimum 7-10 gallon pots
  • For outdoor, use minimum 30 gallon pots, smaller pots can be used if planted later in the season (time of season started will dictate pot size)
  • Water with filtered water (no chlorine/no Chloramine)
  • Keep soil at a moist consistency to keep microbes working efficiently 
  • SS-W is compatible with compost teas and top dressings to help cater to specific cultivars or supplement for nutrients in smaller pots. 


Canadian sphagnum peat moss, mycorrhizae, bone meal, blood meal, perlite, kelp meal, fish bone meal, wollastonite, worm castings, basalt rock dust, gypsum dust, alfalfa meal, humic acid, dolomite lime, sulphates of potash & yucca. All ingredients are organic certified.